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After seeing a shared @skynews update on Covid 19 Pandemic in brazil from uncle @tundeednut ‘s page, I got a conviction in my soul i really had to complete writing this song “War Coming” for @amfestexpo #MUSICvsVIRUSAfrica competition supported by the @who The death toll from across the globe have been alarming; Most recently, #Brazil digging up mass graves to bury their dead is heartbreaking and my heart goes out to them. With all these happenings in the world we clearly should get the sign in Africa that there could be war coming!! Just because we haven’t seen much of the troops (Corona) doesn’t mean some haven’t infiltrated our defences. Good News is – We can still #WINTHISWAR It is on us now Africa to Use our ‘Actions’ as our weapons against Corona by practicing #SocialDistancing #WashingHandswell #WearingAgoodMask #AvoidTouchingMouth.Eyes.Nose #BelieveInGOD Let our positive practices be our ammunition. #AfricaFightsCovid #WarComing #WeWinThisWar @baadmusic The vibe was set with this awesome beat 🇳🇬

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